CASC is managing an EIR for legacy Surface Mining Activities, located within the northeastern portions of the City of Banning, adjacent to the Morongo Reservation. As part of the preparation of an Environmental Impact Report (EIR) associated with a Surface Mining Operation and Revised Reclamation Plan for the Robertson’s/Banning Quarry, CASC manages a team of experts in Biology, Air Quality, Traffic, Greenhouse Gas Emissions, Geology, and Mining. CASC’s provides the CEQA expertise and knowledge of the regional stakeholders, such as the Riverside County Flood Control District, the County of Riverside, officials and staff within the City of San Jacinto, the Morongo Band of Mission Indians, and representatives from the State Water Board, in charge of regional watershed management protection. CASC’s Scope of Work includes the research, environmental and regulatory analysis, preparation of the Initial Study, issuance of the Notice of Preparation (NOP), and completion of the DEIR and FEIR associated with this existing project and its proposed 23-acre/2 million cubic foot excavation expansion. CASC is also in charge of the public outreach and presentations associated with the environmental documents through the required CEQA process.