Contracts 43A0210, 43A0290, and 43A0328, Districts 6, 7, 8, 9, CA


This work illustrates CASC’S ongoing experience in managing Caltrans contracts as a Prime Consultant, our ability to provide flexible staffing levels in response to a variety of Task Orders, our ability to respond to challenging logistical situations associated with rain-event monitoring, and our top-notch level of services that resulted in the reissuance of the contract. As Prime Consultant, CASC has been responsible for implementing and managing this program that requires coordination with various Caltrans and OWP personnel, sub consultants and consultant teams serving other regions.

The work, which started in 2007, has covered an expansive geographic region within Districts 6, 7, 8 and 9, with projects stretching from Visalia to Barstow to Downtown LA to Point Mugu. Task Orders have involved a large cross-section of professional services in the field and office, including monitoring site installations, field sampling, lab analysis, site maintenance, and extensive data compilation, analysis and reporting, all in support of Caltrans’ Environmental/NPDES compliance program.

Task Orders have included the preparation of PS&E for the retrofit of 21 Gross Solid Removal Devices (GSRD) in District 7; PS&E for the Porous Pavement overlay pilot study facilities in District 6; construction cost estimates for Ornamental Roadside Vegetation Pilot studies in Ventura County, District 7; and cost estimates, surveying and as-built plans for two Arid Region Erosion Control Pilot Study sites in Dist. 8.

Monitoring tasks have covered Microbial Monitoring of highway runoff entering the Santa Monica Bay Areas of Special Biological Significance (ASBS), Roadside Vegetated Treatment Sites, bio swales, and Gross Solid Removal Devices. CASC’s team has provided physical, chemical, and biological analyses of water samples, other liquid matter, soil and other solid matter and prepared reports for the Department, the RWQCBs, and the SWRCB.


Technology involved providing and deploying Remote Data Management Systems that were designed to allow field sampling crews to check system reliability and respond quickly to electronic or operational failures of automated composite sample collection equipment. CASC personnel are very proficient at utilizing the Electronic Data Deliverables (EDD) for reporting to the Department.

Our team provided Caltrans the expertise and District specific knowledge to help address water quality monitoring challenges.  From the Project Manager to field assistance personnel our team has shown a continuous commitment to providing excellent storm water assistance services.