CASC is currently managing the land planning, environmental documentation, and project management associated with a medium to High Density Community located within the City of Menifee, CA. The Cantalena Specific Plan incorporates a mixed-use land use master plan of development. More specifically, the project includes 935 residential dwelling units (d.u.) ranging in density from medium (2-5 DU/AC) to very-high densities (18+ DU/AC). The average land use density for the project is approximately 5.9 DU/AC and the project incorporates single-family and multi-family residential land uses along with ancillary parks, open space, recreation, and required drainage facilities. In addition, the Specific Plan identifies a potential school site allocated for the Menifee Valley School District; however, final determination of this site has yet to be decided by the school district. The Specific Plan also sets forth a complimentary plan of uses to the Menifee Town Center, which will incorporate a wide-range of commercial retail and service opportunities for the existing and future residents of Menifee. CASC is responsible for the preparation of Final Development and Engineering Plans, associated with the Specific Plan’s implementing tentative maps, water quality development and management, and overall environmental compliance (including the preparation of an EIR Addendum, along with the associated studies necessary to comply with the Riverside County MSHCP and ACOE Permitting requirements. The Cantalena project is located north of Scott Road and east of the Interstate 15 freeway which serves as major transportation corridor throughout the region. It is notable to add that the Riverside County Transportation Commission (RCTC) recently approved $8 million of funding towards the Scott Road/I-215 Interchange improvement project, which will establish an eventual 6-lane facility within the City, expanding easterly towards Highway 79 and the westerly portions of Diamond Valley Lake Reservoir. As such, CASC understands the growth pressures and economics associated with Highway 79 and its potential impacts on the City of Hemet as a regional partner, member of RCTC, RTA, and WRCOG. CASC managed the development and entitlement process for the project and is currently engaged in the development and CEQA compliance for an Amendment to the Specific Plan. The Specific Plan Amendment redesigned major drainage features throughout the project site and amended residential densities to more closely align with the City’s future plans for development.