Since 2007, CASC has provided on-call construction site NPDES compliance services to Southern California Edison (SCE) in support of their unprecedented $20 Billion infrastructure improvement program. SCE, a subsidiary of Edison International, is California’s largest investor-owned utility.

Our team has provided storm water quality assurance services at new substations, hundreds of miles of new transmission lines, port facilities, substations, and power relocation projects associated with Caltrans highway widening projects. Projects cover a large geographic range, from the Port of Long Beach and other highly urbanized areas, to the deserts and mountains of Southern California, to the Cental Valley and the Colorado River.

CASC staff monitor the implementation and enforcement of various NPDES permit requirements such documentation, BMP implementation, waste discharge requirements, and associated monitoring and reporting requirements.

Our compliance monitoring team includes field staff conducting inspections, and office staff processing storm water documents including; Operational Storm Water Management Plans (O-SWMPs), SWPPPs, and Five Year Maintenance Plans (FYMPs).

The field inspection team consists of 4 to 6 full-time inspectors and additional part-time support as needed. The inspectors have used a variety of electronic field reporting applications over the years. The most current application in use is the web-based SWPPP Mobile App, which documents each project, allowing our inspectors to identify, assign, track, and report observations using an iPad.  Our field inspectors provide electronic copies of all correspondence and reports and include them in the project files and database.

Our work covers the entire SCE service area, from the Ports of Long Beach and Los Angeles, to the I-5 corridor widening project from the Renewable Energy projects in the desert regions, to the new transmission projects in the Central Valley and Central Coast.

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Additional CASC services on this contract include: Preparation of Erosion and Sediment Control Plans (ECP), SWPPPs, WQMPs, Water Pollution Control Drawings (WPCPs), Change of Information (COI), Notice of Intent (NOI) and Notice of Termination (NOT) forms for submission to the SWRCB via SMARTS. In addition, CASC assists SCE with obtaining permits and monitoring environmentally related operations such as dewatering, excavation, and disposal of contaminated soil.  We also provide on-site storm water quality related training programs to SCE employees and contractors. The team interacts with SCE field and management staff, contractors, and when necessary, with local, State, and Federal regulatory agencies. 

CASC hasprepared over 100 SWPPPs for SCE. This task includes the preparation of all necessary Project Registration Documents (PRDs) and submittal of all documentation to the SWRCB’s Stormwater Multi Application Reporting and Tracking System (SMARTS).  

CASC also provides full QSD and QSP services for the projects, including daily inspections, weekly inspections, storm inspections, quarterly inspections, and on-site training of construction crews in water quality requirements.

CASC has worked with SCE on over 220 construction or improvement projects and has provided over $8 Million in professional services to date.