CASC  was in charge of the Project-specific Environmental Impact Report (SCH#2008071044) associated with the Wilson Avenue Extension (East) project. CASC was responsible for all major aspects of the public works improvements; including civil engineering, improvement plans and grading plans, hydrological design and water quality mitigation. The purpose of the Wilson Avenue Environmental Impact Report (EIR) is to identify and evaluate the existing and potential impacts related to the Wilson Avenue extension project. The project site is vacant of any permanent structures and is currently used as a maintenance access road for the San Bernardino County Flood Control. In addition, the proposed project involves the construction of street and drainage improvements with appurtenant improvements such as landscaping and lighting. The ultimate land uses included public use of the project site as a public road for vehicular, bicycle, and pedestrian circulation. CASC continues as the project manager and primary CEQA consultant to the City of Rancho Cucamonga for the Wilson Creek Avenue Extension. CASC has managed the EIR process and guided the City through the resource permitting process with both Federal and State agencies. Upon completion of these necessary permits The City began work on the Wilson Avenue Extension in mid-October of 2014. Having written several EIR’s and other CEQA-driven environmental documents, CASC is capable and experienced with the preparation and management of Initial Studies for major residential, commercial, industrial, and civic development proposals.